Personalizing MAID

MAID is a deeply personal decision. Here you will find resources that address the person beyond the practice.  

TRIGGER WARNING These articles or section, or pages it links to, contains information about assisted death and/or death by medical assistance which may be triggering to family members. 

The Death and Llife of John Shields by Catherine Porter

“VICTORIA, British Columbia -- Two days before he was scheduled to die, John Shields roused in his hospice bed with an unusual idea. He wanted to organize an Irish wake for himself. It would be old-fashioned with music and booze, except for one notable detail -- he would be present.” - Porter

The doctor who took on death by Shannon Proudfoot

In an agonizing personal and professional decision, Dr. Sandy Buchman opted to help patients with their final wish. He hasn’t looked back.

Circle of life: Former Victoria maternity doctor now helps terminally ill end their suffering by Randy Shore

"For Stefanie Green, the transition from baby doctor to helping people die was completely natural, providing care at different ends of life's continuum." - Shore

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