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Lauren Clark

Planned Giving

Your presence can continue beyond. Planned giving in support of Bridge C-14 can influence the availability and quality of peer-to-peer support opportunities of many many people for years to come. 

Contact me to discuss.

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Planned Giving

By leaving a gift in your will to the Bridge C-14, your lasting legacy will be to help empower a Network of Peer-to-Peer Connections and Community Supports Through All Stages of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

Benefits of Planned Giving

Tax advantages


  • Gifts are planned for distribution at some time in the future.

  • Your giving can be tailored to your personal and financial circumstances.

  • Donation is made from assets, not current income.

  • Most of the gifts involve planning, however they are easy to arrange with your financial or estate advisor.

Ways to give a gift

Publicly Traded Securities – Canada Revenue Agency does not apply capital gains tax on donations of publicly traded securities.

Bequests – an easy way to reduce estate taxes and may increase inheritances to your loved ones.

Registered Assets – another way to significantly reduce the taxes owed by your estate.


Life Insurance – leverage the premium payments made today into a larger lasting legacy.


Annuities – a method to potentially increase your income and reduce taxes.


Before making arrangements for a planned gift, speak to your financial or legal advisor or investment firm to review your financial goals.


For more information about leaving a gift in your will for Bridge C-14 please contact us.


I invite you to contact me to discuss your interest in supporting Bridge C-14.

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