It can be challenging to access information on how to navigate Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD): the process can seem complicated and unreliable. When an individual makes this complex end-of-life choice, they, and those around them, are often left feeling isolated and unsupported. Many are unsure where to turn to connect with others who have lived experience. Without a place to voice their grief due to fear of stigma, many are left to navigate MAiD alone and without community support.

Since its launch in November 2017, Bridge C-14 has created a network for individuals to build meaningful connections of support through all stages of assisted death. Bridge C-14 ​​was founded on the need for access to peer-to-peer support for those with lived experience, as well as to provide information about MAiD. We strive to help change the conversation to one which honours and respects family dignity and individual choice, and are committed to bridging the gap between procedure and compassion.

In April 2022, Bridge C-14 and Bridge4You merged. This provided an opportunity to create the Bridge4You 1:1 Peer Support Program - a stand-alone program offered by Bridge C-14. Read more about Bridge4You here.

This integration of Bridge4You under the Bridge C-14 umbrella was seen as a natural transition in the growth and enhancement of a more compassionate, peer-based community of support through MAiD. Bridge4You and Bridge C-14 have always been closely rooted in the same values and principles. Joining together as one provides improved access for clients and enhanced experiences for our volunteers from across the country who provide support to those who are touched by MAiD.

The Bridge4You 1:1 Peer Support Program will continue to provide peer-to-peer connections for individuals choosing MAiD, individuals supporting someone choosing MAiD and individuals grieving a MAiD loss through email, by phone or over Zoom with a volunteer with lived experience.



To provide a network of peer-to-peer connections and community supports through all stages of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), for individuals choosing MAiD and for those supporting them through the journey.


Our goal is to advance and promote a community of compassion and respect by providing care and comfort throughout the MAiD experience. We are committed to creating a culture where dignity, choice and grief are honoured and valued. 

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