The Bridge C-14 Podcast explores topics surrounding Medical Assistance in Dying to bring the conversation out of the shadows. We hold in-depth conversations with experts in the area and have inspiring, and at times, heartbreaking conversations with people who have firsthand experience with the procedure.

Our podcast is all about providing knowledge, celebrating courage and demystifying MAiD to help create a more compassionate conversation.  

Episode #1:
An Introduction to MAiD with Mike Kekewich

For many the MAiD process can be overwhelming, and navigating the system can be confusing. In this podcast we are joined by The Ottawa Hospital's Mike Kekewich, President of the Board of Bridge C-14, to discuss the process of application for MAiD in Canada. From independent witnesses to the 10-day waiting period, we break down the steps and address the barriers that families might face.

Episode #2:
The Provider Experience with 
Dr. Viren Naik

There are many myths and misconceptions which surround MAiD and its practitioners. On our second episode of the podcast, we are joined by Dr. Viren Naik, to discuss the experience of those who are providers of the procedure. From lessons learned to hopes for the future, we explore the MAiD journey from the perspective of those who feel called to assist.

Episode #3:
The Journey of Grief after MAiD with Lauren Clark, President & CEO of 
Bridge C-14 

Grief is a normal process when reacting to the loss of someone you love. On our third episodes of the podcast, we are joined by Social Worker Lauren Clak to discuss how grief associated with MAiD can bring its own unique emotions. Join us for this personal and emotional exploration of sorrow, hope and the journey of grief after MAiD.

Episode #4:
Love, Loss and Life After MAiD with Jana Buhlmann

Jana Buhlmann supported her husband through MAiD in September of 2017. In this personal conversation about love, loss and putting the pieces back together after MAiD, she shares her journey through the unique grief that assisted death brings.

photo by @dayna_foto

Nikki Gouzopoulos was a tremendous support for her father through his MAiD journey. Today she joins Lauren Clark, President & CEO of Bridge C-14, to share her story, one of loss, advocacy, adversity and love, and the gift that medical assistance in dying provided.

Episode #5:
The Gift of MAiD with Nikki Gouzopoulos

Episode #6:
One Week to Prepare with Robin Farr

Join Robin Farr as she shares her story of supporting her dad's choice to access Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) with only one week to prepare. Robin provides insight into her experience and offers three pieces of advice / things to consider before a MAiD death.

Episode #7:
"If you haven't said goodbye yet, what are you waiting for?" with Dave Keystone

In this Episode, Dave sits down for a candid and heartwarming conversation with Bridge C-14 Advisory Committee Member, Nikki Gouzopoulos. Dave recounts the story of supporting his father through Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) in September 2019 with humour and the occasional curse word (*warning*), and together they delve into many aspects of MAiD and the impact this can have on the overall experience.