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Bridge C-14 Educational Series - Registration


Join us Live on Zoom for a 2-Part Series:


Friday, July 19 (Part 1)

Friday, July 26 (Part 2)


8am to 1pm PT
11am to 4pm ET


The impact of the decision to pursue Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) has a ripple effect that extends beyond the death itself, for the individual, their family, community and healthcare team.

Addressing the everyday issues and complex needs of all individuals touched by MAiD is essential. Although every effort is made to alleviate the impact of psychosocial issues in advance, the remain an inherent part of the MAiD journey. These issues can range in severity and in their impact on the facilitation of MAiD, as well as the ability for loved ones to manage their grief following the death. Exploring and mitigating these feelings may enhance the overall experience for individuals who have an experience with MAiD. As many find that the grief process with MAiD is very different from other losses they have experienced, coming to terms with this type of loss involves learning new ways to find meaning in the loss experience, putting this into perspective and working through the grief.

This introductory course will seek to enhance participants’ knowledge and skill-base when engaging individuals and their support networks in navigating the MAiD journey. Intermixed with ‘real life stories’, it will provide you with an overview of MAiD, information on the psychosocial aspects impacting the decision to request (and access) MAiD, particularly the grief and bereavement process, and highlight ways that we can mitigate the challenges of supporting individuals through MAiD.

Participants are provided a workbook at no cost which will be mailed out in advance of the Series. PDF versions are also available.

Participants will also receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the Series.

Join Our Online Course

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Course Fees (suggested donation):

Before July 1, 2024: $250

After July 2, 2024: $350


By filling out the form above you are on your way to participating!

For groups of 2 or more, please contact us by email before registering.


Payments are made in the form of a donation to the organization. The funds received help us to continue to support our initiatives to deliver compassionate, peer-based support to all individuals touched by MAiD.

Once payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email.


Should you have any concerns about covering the cost for the Series, let us know before registering by sending us an email.

  • Are you looking to improve your knowledge and skills around Medical Assistance in Dying?

  • Would you like to learn more about the history and process to access assisted dying in Canada, as well as psychosocial and grief-related issues and ways to support those who are touched by MAiD?

What People Are Saying:

"Great content, structure and presentation. Helped me consider practical strategies for supporting people going through MAID. Helped me to critically reflect on MAID from a variety of lenses."

"Absolutely fabulous! Could have spent even longer with this subject."

"Lauren Clark was the instructor of a MAiD course I recently attended ... Lauren’s passion for the subject is palpable and easily keeps one engaged. She is a fabulous educator who is in tune with and inclusive of the attendees.  Her openness makes her approachable, which is necessary in what can be a delicate subject for some. The presentation materials were well thought out, organized and rich in content.  Lauren provides an overall outstanding learning experience."

"The Bridge C-14 Educational series has allowed me time to critically reflect on MAID and my role supporting patients and families/care-givers going through this process. It encouraged me to think about assisted death from a variety of opinions, it has increased my knowledge and given me confidence and tools to improve my practice (social worker in acute palliative care)."

"Am amazing series! So well presented and good feedback with other participants. Series like this helps to talk about things that need to be spoken about in a respectful way, being considerate of one and all."

"This course gave me a huge amount of information re M.A.I.D. I found myself completely absorbed for the two hours. I felt that it really helped me with many of my questions and with suggestions that I can apply in my work."

"As a Social Service Worker student working in end-of-life care ... I found the course to not only be comprehensive in its scope of understanding Medical Assistance in Dying, but found the topic around the nuance’s of the assessment criteria helped me with the wider implications of the recent Bill C-7 changes to the law, and its psychosocial impacts on the applicants and families. I also really appreciated how Lauren welcomed discussion from all the attendees, who came with different viewpoints and cultural lenses. It created a safe environment for students to not only learn from Lauren herself, but also from each other. I would highly recommend Lauren’s educational sessions on MAiD to anyone who wants to become more informed on Medical Assistance in Dying within Canada, and learn how to better support the community, and become an ally to the individuals seeking the provision."

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