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Who Should Attend?

Our goal is to educate and support caring professionals, volunteers and students from across Canada who are interested in assisting people pursuing MAiD, people supporting someone pursuing MAiD, and people grieving a MAiD death.

Professionals and volunteers with limited clinical or experiential knowledge and appreciation for the complexities of the MAiD experience can feel unprepared for, and apprehensive about providing care and compassion to individuals and their support networks in navigating MAiD. Lack of MAiD competency can perpetuate stigma and compromise the clinical relationship. Professionals, volunteers and students need a platform for learning about MAiD and the complex psychosocial aspects that impact the experience for all involved. There is currently no other formalized MAiD-specific and psychosocial-focused curriculum offered in Canada to individuals outside of assessors and providers.

The conference will provide streamlined access to relevant and topical educational modules focused on psychosocial and grief-related aspects of MAiD, expand clinical and experiential knowledge and skill-base when engaging individuals and their support networks through MAiD, and focus on building mental and physical resiliency and the importance of self-care when supporting individuals touched by MAiD. In addition, it will increase awareness of available resources to support end of life care and planning, centring the voices of those who have been touched by MAiD, cultural safety and social justice lenses.

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