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MAiD Drop-In Sessions

Bridge C-14's MAiD Drop-In Sessions are dedicated to bringing individuals together through peer-to-peer conversations focused on building community with those who have lived experience. 


Drop-in sessions are available for individuals choosing MAiD, those supporting someone through MAiD, or people grieving a MAiD death. These groups are not designed for professionals/outside volunteers.

Drop-in sessions are 60 minutes in length (can be extended to 90 minutes with participant and facilitator approval/interest) and are an opportunity to connect, discuss and share with others who understand and appreciate the experience. 

All sessions are hosted via Zoom. These sessions are an opportunity to provide informal peer-to-peer support to individuals journeying through MAiD. 

Participant feedback collected in 2022 showed that 96% of participants reported feeling less isolated and their MAiD experience more 'normalized', 88% of participants reported feeling better able to cope on a daily basis, and 96% of participants reported feeling more aware of their inner strengths and ways of coping.

Printable PDF of January and February 2024 sessions: 

Note: All sessions continue to be hosted using our regular Zoom login (Meeting ID: 869 112 1087).


To learn more and to RSVP for sessions, click here (Calendar of Events).

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