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Medical Assistance In Dying (MAiD)

Watch the video for an introduction to MAiD.

"When did this all come about? Who is eligible?"

Here is a video to help you learn about the history of how MAiD came about and other pertinent information related to eligibility. 

Let's Hear From Sue Rodriguez

Notice what thoughts come up for you as you watch this. If you are already familiar with her situation, please watch again as we need to be reminded of those that have gone before and paved the way for the future.

This ruling changed EVERYTHING.

The story of Carter vs. Canada takes us behind the scenes of the case, introducing us to the legal team and families who made history.


More than 225,000 Canadians offer opinions as new poll suggests increased support for medical aid in dying"

Surveys For Change

"I completed the Canada-wide survey earlier this year regarding my experience of MAiD. I was glad to have the opportunity to express my thoughts about the changes that desperately needed to be made." - Signy

Family + Conflict

Conflicts amongst family members can rise throughout the MAiD journey.

This video shares changes to medical assistance in dying legislation.

Pertinent information at 11:04.

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