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Movement Towards Healing Peace
with Rebecca, Bridge C-14 Volunteer


These monthly sessions will support the transformation of pain and struggle into healing and inner peace, using movement, breath and sound.




Rebecca Garland is a certified professional coach and Grief Movement guide, who provided vital support to a close friend during his final months with terminal brain cancer amid the COVID pandemic.


As her friend Scot's condition deteriorated, from memory loss and impaired speech to difficulties with balance and everyday tasks, it became increasingly challenging for him to live independently. Frequent mini-seizures, strokes, and brain bleeds added to his medical complications, necessitating 911 calls and emergency hospital visits.


The options of hospitalization or hospice care were limited due to the COVID pandemic, posing a significant risk given Scot's rapid regression. As such, despite his love for life, he made the painful decision to choose MAiD. This decision allowed him to spend his remaining time with loved ones, rather than isolated and quarantined. In his final days, Scot reconnected with family and friends, and experienced an outpouring of love and healing.


With MAiD scheduled, love became the guiding force that carried Scot through his final days and moments.


While MAiD offered a profound gift, it also presented immense difficulties. Rebecca, serving as Scot's friend, caregiver, and the one who helped organize and facilitate MAiD, experienced profound isolation, and ambiguous and complex grief. Further, she hadn't been informed of the support and resources for available for MAiD loss at the time, and found the grief to be unlike any other.


As a certified coach trained in emotional processing, grief, and healing, Rebecca has made the decision to volunteer with Bridge C-14, offering peer support to others navigating similar experiences. Drawing from personal experience and insights, Rebecca aims to provide compassionate support, understanding, and resources to ensure that individuals facing the unique grief of MAiD don't feel alone and can find healing in their journey.

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