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1:1 Peer Support Offerings

1:1 Peer Support is available to individuals through the MAiD experience.

Connections can be arranged by phone, text, email or online meeting platform.

Volunteers provide peer-to-peer connections for individuals choosing MAiD and individuals supporting someone choosing MAiD. They also support individuals grieving a MAiD loss. Connections are made through email, by phone or over Zoom.

If you are someone who is requesting MAiD for yourself and are looking to connect with a peer, please fill out our intake form. Please note that the Bridge C-14 1:1 supports for individuals choosing MAiD are only available to individuals who have applied and have (minimally) had one assessment completed and are on track for the second assessment, as well as for those who have been found eligible for MAiD. Please note that we have a limited number of volunteers for this program at this time - we request your patience as we continue to build greater capacity in our volunteer portfolio and work through the requests that we have received thus far. 


For those looking for information on a local MAiD assessor/provider and/or for those seeking assistance with getting in touch with a MAiD Coordinator/Navigator, we encourage you to reach out to your primary health care team or the provincial/territorial coordination service for more information. Bridge C-14 is not in a position to assist with these types of requests at present.

If you are someone who is supporting an individual who is choosing MAiD or are grieving a MAiD loss, 1:1 peer support can be accessed through the MAiD Family Support Society (formerly Bridge 4 You), a national not-for-profit organization providing additional peer supports in this space. Much like Bridge C-14, the MAiD Family Support Society provides a place of compassion, a place where individuals can connect with someone who has gone through MAiD with a family member or other significant person in their life, who has been there to support and love this person through the process.

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