Bridge4You 1:1 Peer Support Program

The Bridge4You 1:1 Peer Support Program is a place of compassion, a place where individuals can connect with someone who has gone through MAiD with a family member or other significant person in their life, who has been there to support and love this person through the process.

Bridge4You was founded by Signy Novak in April 2021 and integrated into the Bridge C-14 umbrella of supports as a stand-alone program one year later. Bridge4You and Bridge C-14 have always been closely rooted in the same values and principles. Joining together as one provides improved access for clients and enhanced experiences for our volunteers from across the country who provide support to those who are touched by MAiD.

Volunteers in the 1:1 Program provide peer-to-peer connections for individuals choosing MAiD and individuals supporting someone choosing MAiD. They also support individuals grieving a MAiD loss through email, by phone or over Zoom.


If you are looking for 1:1 peer-to-peer support, please fill out the contact form. Once your request has been received, The Bridge4You 1:1 Peer Support Program Coordinator will follow up with you to complete the process.

**Please note that our 1:1 supports for individuals choosing MAiD are available to individuals who have applied and have (minimally) had one assessment completed and are on track for the second assessment, as well as for those who have been found eligible for MAiD.

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