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"My Choice"

From the author: "I am not sure this is the right place for this, but I have written a poem that I truly hope might be of some help to those travelling this journey. I am the Poet Laureate of Gananoque, Ontario and my heart is in what I write. I watched my son live and die with cancer over a 22 year period so I know about the journey. Had he wanted to choose MAiD I would have supported him but that didn't happen. Now all I can do is hope that perhaps my words might touch someone."

My Choice

My body now is failing

And I am wracked with pain

My mind is strong and steady

I have a healthy brain

You look at me with pity

You see me through your eyes

But you must understand this is my body

I beg you to realize

You have no right to tell me

That I don’t have a choice

Even if the words may fail me

I still do have a voice

I alone can walk in my shoes

You can only walk by my side

If you truly love me

Accept what I decide

You did not tell me how to live

Don’t tell me how to die

Just be there to support me

And then kiss me goodbye

So I ask of you my darling

Let this be your final gift to me

Please respect my wishes

And let me “Die with dignity”

- Gretchen Huntley, Bridge C-14 Supporter

3 comentários

05 de nov. de 2021

Beautiful and important

thank you


05 de nov. de 2021

How Beautiful, Gretchen. Thank you so much for sharing your talent, and so very sorry for your loss. Your kind words have absolutely touched me. Bless you.

(virtual Hugs),



05 de nov. de 2021

Thank you

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