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Writing Workshop -
"Living with Grief: Writing through MAiD"

  • Are you grieving the loss of a loved one through MAiD?

  • Interested in writing about your experience?

  • Looking for connection in a group with others with lived MAiD experience?

Workshop Description:

Grief has been described as the flip side of love. In life, love has somewhere to be channelled, in the grand gestures and daily rituals that come with loving someone. For many, love after loss is an emptiness; it’s the emotion without a channel.


Eleanor Haley says, “Grief is love realizing if it wants to thrive, it has to be creative and find new ways to connect and be fulfilled. Grief is love’s unwillingness to give up. It’s stretching bonds and redefining limits in order to create a space where you can love someone in their eternal absence.”


This workshop is designed to help you write about your experience with Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). Through exercises, writing guidance, and connecting through community you will create the space for love by writing your story of grief.

The launch of the Writing Workshop is planned for Spring/Summer 2023

- Stay tuned for further details! -

Interested in participating?

To add your name to the waitlist for Spring/Summer 2023, get in touch with us today!

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